Ariston aw 149 Manual Do Utilizador

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User guide
Description, 2
Important Safety Instructions, 3-4
Your safety and that of your family
Warnings about installation
Technical  details
Unpacking, Installation, 5-6-7-8-9
Unpacking and levelling
Remove the shipping bolts
Water  and  Electric  connections
Final  Checklist
Washing Machine Description
and Option Modifiers, 10-11
Control panel
Washing Options
Variable spin
Variable  temperature
Programs, 12
Program  table
Detergent Dispenser and Tips, 13
Detergent  dispenser
Before  washing
Starting a Wash Program
and Washcare Tips, 14-15-16-17-18
Laundry  preparation
Typical wash loads and laundry preparation
Washcare tips and understanding fabric care labels (symbols)
Operating  the  washing  machine
Stain  removal  chart
Care and Maintenance, 19
Switching off the water or electricity supply
Cleaning  the  machine
Cleaning the door bowl
Checking the water inlet hose
Drum  maintenance
Cleaning the detergent dispenser drawer
Troubleshooting, 20-21
Service, 22
Before calling for Assistance
Warranties, 23
Ariston Statement of
AW 149
Français,  49
Español, #

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  • Página 1User guide WASHING MACHINE Contents NA Description, 2 NA SP F Important Safety Instructions, 3-4 English,1 Español, # Français, 49...
  • Página 2 Description NA Control panel ( • Varies by Model) Dispenser drawer • Please record the Model number and Interlocking...
  • Página 3Important Safety Instructions INTRODUCTION Congratulations on your new Ariston washing machine. This is a highly sophisticated engineered product that NA...
  • Página 4NA RECESSED, CLOSET AND ALCOVE Te c h n ic a l d e ta ils INSTALLATION (Instructions) M odel...
  • Página 5Unpacking NA ! Keep this instruction book on hand in order to refer to it when necessary. Take it you...
  • Página 6NA Remove the Shipping Bolts IMPORTANT: Read these instructions to remove the 2 Location shipping bolts (see Description for location)....
  • Página 7Installation Water Connection Drainage Connection NA Standpipe Diameter/Capacity. Needs a 1 1/4 minimum Caution diameter standpipe with a minimum carry-away...
  • Página 8 Installation Floor Standpipe Drain Sink Drainpipe Method NA Top of standpipe must Entry into the sink drain be at...
  • Página 9Electrical connection Final installation checklist NA Machine Voltage/Amperage - 120V, 60 Hz, 11 Amp. • Instructions and Installalion Kit have...
  • Página 10 Washing machine description Control panel AW 149 (NA) NA Warning: To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, or...
  • Página 11Program and Option Modifiers NA Option modifiers Superwash: Use this option to select a more intensive wash and time program...
  • Página 12 Program and Options Modifiers AW 149 (NA) Max Program Pre-wash Detergent Fabric Options Length of the Type of fabric...
  • Página 13Detergents tips and laundry Detergent dispenser Detergent tips NA ! Do not put any items into the drawer, other than...
  • Página 14 Starting a wash Program NA Laundry preparation Sorting Clothes should be sorted from separate items which Fasten all hooks,...
  • Página 15Washcare tips and Starting NA Useful tips Never use your washing machine to wash... torn, fraying or How much does...
  • Página 16 Operating the washing machine NA On-Off / Selecting a program A typical wash load 1. Switch the machine on...
  • Página 17 NA Stain Removal Chart Blood Cream, Ice Cream or Milk Rinse or soak fresh stain in cold water. Work...
  • Página 18NA Grease or Oil Perfume Scrape away excess. Rub detergent paste or a general Rinse in cold water. Rub undiluted...
  • Página 19Care and Maintenance NA Switching off the water and Cleaning electricity supplies Cleaning the exterior • Turn off the water...
  • Página 20 Troubleshooting NA From time to time your machine may not operate as it should. Before calling for Assistance (see...
  • Página 21 NA There is too much foam. • The detergent is not designed for machine washing (the packaging should state...
  • Página 22 Service NA Before calling for Assistance: • Check whether you can solve the problem on your own (see page...
  • Página 23Warranties STATEMENT OF WARRANTIES ARISTON Clothes Washers NA The warranties provided by (Ariston) in this statement of warranties apply only...
  • Página 24NA Ultra 8 International, 3027 East Sunset Road, Suite 101, LAS VEGAS Nevada 89120 24