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Functionality, Functionality, 
There are some things that just 
bear repeating. Besides providing 
25 velocity-sensitive keys for the slickest 
set of glissandos and the snappiest 
arpeggios, the UMA25S also functions 
as a full-fl edged USB audio interface for 
recording and podcasting. This powerful 
interface features a built-in mic preamp 
with dedicated Gain control, a Phones 
Output with its own dedicated Volume 
control and stereo RCA I/O jacks for 
connecting external devices. The interface 
is so versatile, it even allows simultaneous 
recording of the Mic and Line inputs. 
Speaking of recording…
Because you’ll want to take full 
advantage of the UMA25S’ podcasting 
and recording potential we’ve included 
a massive software package including 
Audacity, Podifi er, Juice, Podnova and 
Golden Ear. 
You’re ready to go live on your PC or Mac 
computer right out of the box! You also get 
more than 100 virtual instruments and over 
50 eff ects plug-ins, making the UMA25S a 
complete mobile studio from input 
to output.
Once you’ve assigned the parameters for a particular 
scenario, simply store it in one of the 16 available 
preset locations. 
Here are just a few reasons you 
need a UMA25S:
For playing external sound modules, rack 
synthesizers and virtual instruments
For editing sound parameters of synthesizers, 
sound samplers and GM/GS/XG sound generators
Controlling parameters on eff ects devices and 
software plug-ins, such as eff ects processors, 
compressors and digital equalizers
Remotely controlling software mixers (functions 
for volume, pan, mute, etc.)
Remotely controlling transport functions 
(Play, Fast Forward, Stop, etc., which is also known 
as MMC, or MIDI Machine Control) on sequencers, 
hard-disk recorders, drum machines, etc.
Live control of volume and sound parameters of 
sound modules on stage
On Stage Fixed Position