Panasonic DMC-LX100 Guia De Utilização

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About connections
Settings for sending pictures
When sending pictures, first select [New Connection], then 
select the method of sending pictures. 
After you have completed connecting, you can also change 
the sending settings, such as the size of pictures to be sent.
[Send Images While Recording]
A picture can be automatically sent to a specified device every time you take it.
[   ] is displayed on the recording screen while connected by [Send 
Images While Recording], and [   ] is displayed while files are being 
If you turn off the camera before you have completed sending, or if 
you close the Wi-Fi connection, or in similar situations, unsent files 
will not be resent.
You may not be able to delete files or use the [Playback] menu 
while sending.
Not available in the following case:
Motion pictures cannot be sent.
[Send Images Stored in the Camera]
You can select and send recorded images.
Details of the [Playback] menu [Favorite] or [Print Set] settings will not be sent.
Not available in the following cases:
Some images taken with a different camera may not be able to be sent.
Images that have been modified or edited with a computer may not be able to be sent.