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L serIes LAPTOPs
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servIce OfferINgs
•  Lowers overall IT support costs and reduces unbudgeted support and  
repair expenses
•  base Warranty Service: Provides Lenovo standard award-winning service 
and support
•  ThinkPlus Warranty Extension and upgrade: Protects investment and 
increases productivity with the enhanced service-level upgrade and  
term extension
•  ThinkPlus Priority Support: Provides technical support for the business – 
increases helpdesk productivity with 24x7 advanced-level technical support 
and service call-tracking tools
•  ThinkPlus Priority 4: Offers enhanced on-site response within 4-hours for 
critical IT support needs
•  Protects PCs and data from the unexpected – saves money, reduces 
hassles and offers peace-of-mind
•  Hard Disk Drive Retention: Allows you to retain your hard drive if it fails and 
thus protects data from falling into the wrong hands
•  ThinkPlus Secure business: Provides security – the protection bundle 
includes Next business Day (NbD) on-site service, ThinkPad Protection and 
Lenovo Online backup
•  Lenovo Online backup: Provides secure, encrypted and offsite storage for 
your customer’s data
•  ThinkPad Protection (TPP): Includes repair of accidental damage, drops or 
spills not covered by warranty
•  Offer peace-of-mind with Lenovo as a single-point-of-contact – manages 
infrastructure, consolidates contracts and streamlines the number of vendors
•  Lenovo Professional Services: Offer professional engineering and project 
management services to implement new technologies
•  Lenovo Imaging Services: Offer image creation, image verification and 
management services
•  Lenovo Managed Deployment: Offers factory integration, imaging, 
installation, deployment and consulting services
•  Lenovo Asset Recovery Services: Recover value from old assets and help 
you dispose, data securely – turns old PC trash into cash
ecO-frIeNDLy feATures
The ThinkPad L412 and L512 laptops support:
•  Climate Savers
 Computing Initiative
•  Materials with up to 30% Post Consumer Content****
•  Close to 100% Recyclable packaging material
These green features make the L412 and L512 laptops energy-efficient and 
cooler, thus reducing operating costs to a great extent.
suPerIOr PerfOrmANce
The ThinkPad L412 and L512 laptops offer:
•  Latest Intel
 Core™ i5 and Core™ i3 processors with Turbo boost and 
Hyper-Threading technologies
•  up to 8-hours of battery life with user-controlled power management
•  Lightweight design with weights starting at 5.1 lbs***
•  Highly portable design with business-value features
•  Choice of footprint – 14" or 15"
•  Redesigned keyboard for end-user comfort
•  Multiple connectivity options
•  High Definition (HD) LED-backlit, anti-glare, display with a 16:9 aspect ratio
•  Improved video performance with an integrated or discrete graphics card
The ThinkPad L412 and L512 laptops:
•  MilSpec certified
•  Are globally available
•  Support enterprise operating system support
•  Offer enhanced manageability features
•  Offer enterprise-level warranty options
•  Additional expansion capabilities with large choice of ports and slots
OPTImum DATA securITy
The ThinkPad L412 and L512 laptops offer:
•  Active Protection System™
•  ThinkVantage
 Rescue and Recovery
•  Spill-resistant keyboard
•  Fingerprint reader
The greenest  
enterprise ThinkPad!
*** Weight for L412 with 6 cell battery. 4 cell & 9 cell options also available
**** PC is made with parts that use up to 30% PCC