Nikon Coolpix W300 Manual Do Proprietário

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Basic Operations of Movie Recording and Movie Playback
Movie Frame
• Set Photo info in Monitor settings (A164) in the setup menu to Movie 
frame+auto info to display the movie frame. Check the range of a movie in a 
frame before movie recording.
• The area that is recorded in a movie varies depending on the settings of Movie 
options or Movie VR, etc. in the movie menu.
When the multi selector 
K is pressed during movie recording, the exposure is locked. 
To unlock, press 
K again.
Maximum Movie Recording Time
Individual movie files cannot exceed 4 GB in size or 29 minutes in length, even when 
there is sufficient free space on the memory card for longer recording. 
• The remaining recording time for a single movie is displayed on the shooting 
• The actual remaining recording time may vary depending on the movie content, 
subject movement, or type of memory card.
• Memory cards with an SD Speed Class rating of 6 or faster are recommended for 
recording movies (when recording 4K UHD movies at an image size/frame rate of 
2160/30p or c 2160/25p, cards rated UHS Speed Class 3 or faster are 
recommended). When using a memory card with a lower Speed Class rating, 
movie recording may stop unexpectedly.
Camera Temperature
• The camera may become hot when recording movies for an extended period of time or 
when the camera is used in a hot area.
• If the inside of the camera becomes extremely hot when recording movies, the camera 
will automatically stop recording.
The amount of time remaining until the camera stops recording (B10s) is displayed.
After the camera stops recording, it turns itself off.
Leave the camera off until the inside of the camera has cooled.