Nikon Coolpix W300 Manual Do Proprietário

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The Setup Menu
Charge by Computer
Notes About Charging with a Computer
• When connected to a computer, the camera turns on and starts charging. If the camera is 
turned off, charging stops.
• About 4 hours and 10 minutes are required to charge a fully exhausted battery. Charging 
time increases when images are transferred while the battery is charging.
• The camera turns off automatically if there is no communication with the computer for 30 
minutes after the battery has finished charging.
When the Charge Lamp Quickly Flashes
Charging cannot be performed, possibly due to one of the reasons described below. 
• The ambient temperature is not suited to charging. Charge the battery indoors with an 
ambient temperature of 5°C to 35°C (41°F to 95°F).
• The USB cable is not connected correctly or the battery is faulty. Make sure the USB cable 
is connected correctly or replace the battery if necessary.
• The computer is in sleep mode and is not supplying power. Wake up the computer.
• The battery cannot be charged because the computer cannot supply power to the 
camera due to the computer’s settings or its specifications.
Press the 
d button M z menu icon M Charge by computer M k button
a Auto
(default setting)
When the camera is connected to a computer that is running 
A108), the battery inserted into the camera is automatically 
charged using power supplied by the computer.
The battery inserted into the camera is not charged when the 
camera is connected to a computer.