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Revolutionary Visual Computing Solutions
Hardware-Accelerated Pixel Read-Back
Ultra-fast pixel read-back performance 
delivers massive host throughput, more 
than 10x the performance of previous 
generations of graphics systems.
GPU Computing
NVIDIA CUDA provides a C language 
environment and tool suite that unleashes new 
capabilities to solve complex, visualization 
challenges such as real-time ray tracing 
and interactive volume rendering.
NVIDIA PureVideo Technology 
NVIDIA PureVideo
 technology is the 
combination of high-definition video 
processors and software that delivers 
unprecedented picture clarity, smooth video, 
accurate color, and precise image scaling 
for SD and HD video content.  Features 
include, high-quality scaling, spatial temporal 
de-interlacing, inverse telecine, and high 
quality HD video playback from DVD.
Features and Benefits 
Full 128-Bit Precision Graphics Pipeline
Enables mathematical computations 
to maintain high accuracy, resulting 
in unmatched visual quality.
High-Quality Full-Scene Antialiasing (FSAA)
Up to 32x FSAA dramatically reduces 
visual aliasing artifacts or “jaggies” at 
resolutions up to 2560 x 1600, resulting 
in highly realistic scenes. New rotated-
grid FSAA algorithm (RG FSAA) delivers 
unprecedented quality and performance.
High Precision, High Dynamic 
Range Imaging (HDR)
Sets new standards for image clarity and 
quality through floating point capabilities in 
shading, filtering, texturing, and blending. 
Enables unprecedented quality of rendered 
images for visual effects processing.
NVIDIA Unified Architecture
Industry’s first unified architecture designed 
to dynamically allocate geometry, shading, 
pixel, and compute processing power to 
deliver optimized GPU performance.
Dual Dual-Link Digital Display Connectors 
Dual dual-link TMDS transmitters support 
ultra-high-resolution panels (up to 2560 
x 1600 @ 60Hz on each panel) − which 
result in amazing image quality producing 
detailed photorealistic images.
Essential for Microsoft Windows Vista
Offering an enriched 3D user interface, 
increased application performance, and the 
highest image quality, NVIDIA Quadro graphics 
boards and NVIDIA
 OpenGL ICD drivers are 
optimized for 32- and 64-bit architectures to 
enable the best Windows
Technical Specifications
 12-bit subpixel precision
 Up to 128 textures per pass
 Eight (8) multiple render targets
 Fast 3D texture support
 Jumbo (8K) texture support
 Hardware-accelerated antialiased 
points and lines
 Hardware OpenGL overlay planes
 Hardware-accelerated two-sided lighting
 Hardware-accelerated clipping planes
 Third-generation occlusion culling
 OpenGL quad-buffered stereo 
(3-pin sync connector)
 Hardware-accelerated pixel read-back
 Full Shader Model 4.0 (OpenGL and DirectX 10)
  o  Vertex Shader 4.0
  o  Geometry Shader 4.0
  o  Pixel Shader 4.0
 Unlimited Shader Lengths
 FP32 texture filtering and blending
 Non-power-of-two texture support
NVIDIA CUDA Software Development Tools
 C language compiler, profiler and 
emulation mode for debugging
 Standard numerical libraries for FFT 
(Fast Fourier Transform) and BLAS 
(Basic Linear Algegra Subroutines)
 Optimized compilers for Cg, 
OpenGLSL, and Microsoft HLSL
 OpenGL 2.1 and DirectX 10 support
 Open source compiler
 Up to 32x full-scene antialiasing 
(FSAA), up to 2560 x 1600
 Rotated-grid FSAA significantly increases 
color accuracy and visual quality for 
edges, while maintaining performance
 Single driver supports all products
 Microsoft Windows
 Vista, XP, 2000 
 Linux—Full OpenGL implementation, 
complete with NVIDIA and ARB 
extensions (complete XFree 86 drivers)
 AMD64, Intel EM64T
Computer-Aided Design (CAD) /  
Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) /  
Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) Applications
 Solid Edge
 and many more…
Digital Content Creation (DCC) and Broadcast
 3ds Max
 After Effects
 Premiere Pro
 Softimage | XSI
 and many more…
 Paradigm GEO
Medical/Life Sciences
 Vital Images
1 Available on NVIDIA Quadro FX 5600, 4600, 3700, 1700, 570, 370, 3600M, 1600M, 570M, and 360M.   
2 Available on NVIDIA Quadro FX 5600, 5500, 4500 X2, 4600, 4500, 3700, 3500, and 3450. 
3 Available on NVIDIA Quadro FX 5600, 5500, 4600, 4500 X2, 3700, 3500, 1700, and 1500.
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The industry’s leading workstation 
applications leverage these solutions 
to enable hardware-accelerated 
features not found in any other 
professional graphics solution.
The Quadro professional products 
include a set of industry specialty 
solutions that have been architected to 
enable advanced imaging visualization 
and broadcast applications - from 
multi-system scalability and 
synchronization to uncompressed 
12-bit HD-SDI video output.
The NVIDIA Quadro
 family of professional solutions 
takes the leading professional applications to a new level 
of interactivity by enabling unprecedented capabilities. 
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