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The ZoomSwitch ZMS20-UC is optimized for VoIP and unified communications 
functionality and provides users extra control over phone and computer 
Innovative ZoomSwitch technology allows users to access phone and computer 
communications through their existing wireless or wired office headset or 
telephone handset, thus eliminating the need for one headset or handset for 
phone communications and another for computer applications.
ZoomSwitch UC was developed based on feedback we received from end users 
and ZoomSwitch customers looking to adapt headsets intended for use on a 
phone to popular UC applications.
Leverage the power of your existing headset 
technology by adding a ZoomSwitch to enable USB 
functionality for your existing wireless or corded 
headsets.  Organizations can save money and allow 
employees to continue to use the headset they are 
already comfortable with.
The ZoomSwitch can be used with your existing 
corded or wireless headset or handset to allow you 
to switch between phone and computer.  Double the 
functionality of your existing headset or handset. 
The ZoomSwitch lets your headset speakers and 
microphone take the place of those on your computer 
so all playback stays private. No need for an extra 
microphone or speakers – it all goes through your 
Simple to Use and Easy to Install
The ZoomSwitch takes moments to install, and 
operates with just a touch of a button. Quick and easy 
toggling between the phone and computer means no 
missed calls.
Powered through the USB port on your computer, 
the ZoomSwitch is a plug-and-play device, ready to 
use with all of your VoIP, UC, speech recognition, and 
audio applications.
Mute & Volume Control
The ZMS20-UC features a convenient mute button 
that quickly mutes your microphone on phone and PC 
calls.  The new ZMS20-UC also amplifies the sounds 
you hear on the computer side with a convenient 
volume control dial.  
Features & Benefits
• Works great with Microsoft Office Communicator  
( MOC or OCS ), Skype, Cisco IP Communicator, IBM 
Sametime, Avaya One X, Google Voice and others.
• Perfect for Avaya, Cisco
 and Nortel or other soft-
• Listen to music between calls
• Review online voicemail messages
• Dictate into speech recognition software
• Listen to online webinars, training, product demos
• Engage in video chats
• Participate in online video conference calls
Add the Power of VoIP and
UC to Your Office Headset
Uses & Applications
Visit www.ZoomSwitch.com to learn more about this headset Accessory.