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• Provides an enterprise building block for
consolidation and business continuity
solutions that drive efficiency and 
cost savings
• Significantly reduces the cost and effort 
of SAN design, implementation, and
• Enables secure connections across IP
WANs through IPSec encryption, and
provides powerful hardware-assisted FCIP
capabilities for line-rate performance
• Optimizes performance for SAN extension
across suboptimal WANs with storage-
optimized protocol enhancements and
features such as Fast Write for FCIP
and Fibre Channel-based extension, Tape
Pipelining, and hardware-based compression
• Simplifies interconnection and support 
for mixed-vendor SAN environments
An Integrated Platform for 
Enterprise Consolidation and 
Business Continuity 
Many of today’s IT organizations have
implemented multiple Storage Area Network
(SAN) islands to support specific applications, 
projects, and sites throughout their enterprises.
With the Brocade
7500 SAN Router, these
organizations can now interconnect their
SAN islands for greater resource utilization
and long-distance extension. By providing
this advanced level of connectivity without
the associated risk and complexity of
physically merging SAN islands into a single
large fabric, the Brocade 7500 supports
strategic business initiatives such as
disaster recovery, data migration, and
ongoing technology upgrades.
The Brocade 7500 combines the industry’s
first 4 Gbit/sec Fibre Channel routing 
capability with powerful hardware-assisted
traffic forwarding for Fibre Channel over 
IP (FCIP). The switch features 16 Fibre
Channel ports and two 1 Gigabit Ethernet 
ports—delivering high performance to run
storage applications at line-rate speed with
either protocol. By integrating these services
in a single platform, the Brocade 7500
offers a wide range of benefits for inter-SAN 
connectivity, including long-distance SAN
extension, greater resource sharing (either
locally or across geographical areas), and
simplified management.
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