Vileda ViRobi 134352 Manual Do Utilizador

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Thank you for purchasing our new ViROBi Robot Sweeper.
ViROBi Robot Sweeper was created by our expert engineers 
after many years working with consumers and studying their 
unsatisfied needs.
ViROBi is a simple-to-use robotic dust mop that navigates 
autonomously around your floors, collecting dust, fluffs and 
hair on an electrostatic cloth. Using an intelligent navigation 
system, ViROBi moves around silently, avoiding obstacles 
and cleaning under furniture and hard to reach places such as 
edges and corners.
Thanks to its self-rotating cleaning power, dirt is captured on 
the entire surface of the cloth, which can be then easily dis-
It is especially designed for cleaning all hard surfaces such as 
wood, tiles, linoleum, granite or marbles.
ViROBi Robot Sweeper sweeps your floors for you everyday so 
you don´t have to…
Enjoy it!