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Data Sheet · Hardware product Keyboard 
Keyboard KB PC S2 
Standard Keyboard 
With the new Fujitsu Siemens Computers standard keyboard KB PC S2 we managed to 
achieve – by a supreme effort of newest technologies and an innovative design – to point the 
way to the future regarding typing convenience and reliability. 
Ergonomical optimized keys with a rough surface and a clear defined pressure point , 
convey a pleasent and secure typing feeling at any time. 
The standard keyboard KB PC S2 convinces every user due to the flat, space-saving design 
as well as the excellent price-performance ratio and therefore presents the optimum solution 
for standard PC applications. 
Of course also the Fujitsu Siemens Computers standard keyboard KB PC S2 is equipped with 
three additional Windows keys as well as the EURO symbol. 
§  Ergonomics 
Ergonomic considerations are 
consistently taken into account, resulting 
in a compact keyboard with a defined 
action point and an optimum key form. 
§  Modern manufacturing technology 
Highest demands on development, 
materials and production guarantee our 
customer best quality and reliability of our 
The new design of  the keys allows each 
key to be inscripted with up to six 
symbols. The option of quickly 
customizing a keyboard layout with 
permanent laser labels rounds off the 
outstanding features of the compact KB 
PC S2 standard keyboard. The highest 
industry standard at the best price-
performace ratio. 
§  Designed with the environment in 
Because of its environment-friendly 
design, the keyboard can easily be 
broken up into individual recyclable parts. 
The size, weight and use of raw materials 
has been deliberately kept to a minimun.