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C-Series Eiconcards
C-Series Eiconcards provide reliable and flexible 
communications, typically at speeds of up to 64 kbps,
for PC and PCMCIA-based applications. 
Communications are enabled by simply adding a card and
software to an existing PC or LAPTOP. Fewer man-hours 
are required to train on a C-Series solution because 
the multi-protocol routing works within the operating
system; it is not a proprietary solution requiring 
additional training. This, combined with excellent 
reliability, provide a very cost-effective solution. 
The C-Series card is supported on multiple operating
systems. The multiprotocol feature also provides 
the freedom to use another protocol without replacing 
the existing hardware. 
The dual port cards additionally provide an ISDN
backup feature, whereby data can be 
redirected if the primary connection fails,
without interrupting a single packet! 
The C-Series Eiconcard is ideal for 
providing communications to specialized
or embedded applications, such as Airline
Reservation Systems, Automated Teller
Machines, stand-alone Kiosks and Point of 
Sale Systems. Other popular solutions include 
(client connections) to Host Mainframes and remote
Branch Connections.
Cost Effective
PC and PCMCIA Based Solutions
Maximize Efficiency
The Eiconcard has proven to be reliable and is easy to administer; providing a tightly
integrated application that off-loads the communications processing from the CPU as
well as the flexibility to change protocol or connection type in the future without
needing to upgrade your hardware.
Five-Year Warranty  
All of Eicon Networks’ hardware products are backed with a comprehensive 
five-year warranty. This ensures that the user has an operational communication 
system at any time.
Worldwide Approvals
The Eiconcard is certified for X.25 and ISDN standards, including I-CTR2, National
ISDN-1, AT&T 5ESS Custom, Euro-ISDN (with French, German and Swiss extensions),
TPH and INS-Net 64. The Eiconcard is compliant with your local network switch,
regardless of your region.
Key Benefits
Multiprotocol Connectivity
The C-Series Eiconcards are Wide Area Network interface adapters for PC and PCMCIA-based applications. These multi-
protocol cards provide reliable and flexible communications including X.25, Frame Relay, SDLC and SNA connectivity, with
both serial and ISDN ports. The C-Series is widely used for stand-alone or branch office PCs, offering a choice of PCI, ISA
and PCMCIA based connectivity platforms for a wide range of operating systems. When combined with Eicon’s Advanced
WAN Access Software tools, Eiconcards are highly efficient solutions for connecting Wide Area Networks. Eicon’s
Development Tools combined with a C-Series Eiconcard provides third party applications with seamless and robust 
communications over the Eicon solution. Eicon Networks is a worldwide leader of multi-protocol hardware and software
for wide area networking (WAN) connections.
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