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Unified Battery Charger 3 Bay Rack Set (with AC adapter) for 
ASCOM d81/d62/i62 Handset Battery
zAdapter® ASCOM d62 Ba  ery Mul  -Charger Set keeps a fl eet of ASCOM 
d81/d62/i62 handset ba  ery packs charged for con  nuous, round-the-clock 
use. Charges up to NINE (9) ba  eries.  It can be placed on a desk or mounted 
on the wall.
Compa  ble with ASCOM d81/d62/i62 
handset ba  ery
The zAdapter® AS62 Ba  ery Mul  -
Charger can be placed on a desktop or 
mounted on the wall
Independent “smart” charger circuit in each 
• The top quality Mul   Ba  ery Charger for ASCOM d81/d62/i62 handset ba  ery
• Completed compliance with environment and safety standards 
• Charges up to NINE (9) ASCOM d81/d62/i62 ba  eries at the same   me
• It is part of zCover Unifi ed Power Solu  ons which allows you to expand or
    exchange modules with same or diff erent models to meet your need  
• Separate LEDs show charge and ready states for each ba  ery slot
• Switches to a trickle charge when ba  ery is full
• Safety fi rst, intelligent ba  ery temperature monitor discon  nues
   charging when ba  ery temperature reaches 113°F (45°C)  
• Can be placed on a desk or mounted on the wall to save space (Wall
    mount kits sold separately) 
Product ID:AS62AU3B| Compa  bility: ASCOM d81/d62/i62 handset ba  eries