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You won’t get to the limits of the SCENIC W Series. The tower cabinet lets enough room for 
extension, which makes the SCENIC W suitable to your needs. It is flexible to future challenges 
and can be easily adapted to new requirements.  
Working with the SCENIC W Series is stress-free: it is ergonomic, silent and reliable. It is easy 
to administer and secure. In short, this highly reliable PC is particularly tailor-made to your 
business demands. 
With different product lines, the SCENIC W Series fits perfectly into both small and medium sized 
and large enterprises. 
  Fully configurable: processor, memory, 
drives, boards 
  Your individual choice of hardware, 
software and design 
  Virtual multi-processing with Hyper-
Threading technology 
  Best-in-class manufacturing winning the 
Industrial Intelligence Award 2003 and the 
Ken Sharma Award 2002 
  High quality and function stability made in 
Germany through own development and 
  Short reaction and transportation time 
  Stable system with smooth combination of 
mainboard and cabinet  
  Your choice of supply concept for in-time 
and tailored delivery: value4you, 
  Warranty, service and spare part supply 
according to your needs 
  Easy and remote administration with 
DeskView client management 
  ManageIT: software suite with best 
integration into your IT environment 
  Easy and secure access and data 
protection for your business intelligence  
  SecureIT: software suite with best 
integration into your IT environment 
  Reduce downtime with service-friendly 
cabinet and easy component access 
  Stress-free working and silent operation 
due to low sound level  
  Enhance productivity with EasyChange 
and EasyFix: tool less access to hard disk, 
optical drive, cards  
  High flexibility with FlexyBays: 
flexible use of 5.25 bays as 3.5 bays 
  Enhanced flexibility with FlexySlots: 
Low profile and standard PCI cards 
useable in flexible extension slots 
  Excellent resolution and video quality with 
on board graphics 
  Convenient front access to USB and audio 
as option 
  Internal speaker to play audio files  
  Certified with the Blue Angel due to low 
energy consumption and recyclability 
 W Series 
Multi-expandable tower 
Data Sheet   Professional PC   Issue December 2003