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CD-R and CD-RW
The dynamic digital duo
CD-Recordable (CD-R) and CD-ReWritable (CD-
RW) are two of the hottest recording technologies
on the market. Tough, durable and digital, these
incredible discs enable end-users to back up PCs,
transport large files and distribute data. They’re
ideal ways to prototype CD-ROMs. To record CDs
of favorite music. And to archive data. No wonder 
CD-R/RW burners are such hot-selling peripherals
— and are being built into so many new PCs. No
wonder CD-R Audio recording is becoming a
popular part of home music systems.
Issue No. 10
Spring 2001
As the market for CD-R and CD-RW optical media
explodes, consumers, professionals and busi-
nesses are faced with more choices, more
possibilities and more products than ever. Unfortu-
nately, the opportunities for confusion have also
grown. That’s why Sony Media Solutions is de-
voting another TechPort to this important category.
Back in 1998 we released a TechPort
regarding the superb performance of
Sony’s cyanine CD-R recording layer. This
time we’ll address the natural questions
that have arisen in this diversifying market:
What’s the difference between CD-R
and CD-RW?
What distinguishes general purpose
CD-R and CD-RW from CD-R Audio
and CD-RW Audio? 
Which drives, recorders and players are
compatible with which media?
The answers will help Sony distributors,
retailers, professional users, enterprise users 
and consumers to make the right choices — 
and get the full benefit of Sony’s expanding 
CD-R/RW universe!
In This Issue:
CD-R and 
CD-RW the
Digital Duo
Sony, Phillips
and the
Compact Disc
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By John Matarazzo
National Training Manager,
Media Solutions Company
Sony Media Solutions Company
The basics
CD-R can be recorded only once. And CD-R discs
can be read on millions and millions of 
CD-ROM and DVD-ROM drives. In addition, CD-R
discs recorded with CD-format audio can be
played back on an even larger population of
home, car and portable CD players! This makes
CD-R irresistible for millions of customers. Equally
impressive, Sony CD-RW media can be recorded
and re-recorded up to 1,000 times. Reading is
limited to CD-R/RW burners and those CD-ROM
and DVD-ROM drives specifically designated as

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