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SP4200 Flash Studio Kit
Thank you for your purchase of the SP4200 Flash Softbox Studio 
Please read this manual carefully before use, and keep it handy 
kit. This manual has been written to help you with the assembly, 
for use during break down of equipment. Please read and heed all 
operating procedures and accessories. Square Perfect's SP4200 safety precautions listed in this manual. To order spare bulbs 
Flash Kit is manufactured with the finest material available. Your 
or  replacement  parts,  contact  us  at  info@squareperfect.com. 
flash kit will provide many years of quality service with proper care 
Also  check  out  our  extended  line  of  photo  equipment  now 
and handling.
Flash Studio Kit Includes:
1x2 SP200 lamp body.
12' power cord.
Nylon Carry Case. Compartmentalized for easy use
1 Four leaf barndoor.
1 set Red, blue, yellow frosted 
and honeycomb filter.
1x3 Four panel softbox set.
with lamp connector.
Electronic radio trigger / 
receiver with sync cord and 
1x1 Snoot will direct light to
exact spot without 
affecting surrounding
1x1 Varigated dye backdrop
1x1 Black backdrop
1x1 White backdrop
1x1 Umbrella - double 
layered reflective 
inside, light proof 
1x1 Complete backdrop stand with 
carry case
1x1 Flat reflector for creative 
fill techniques,
includes carry case
Twelve foot boom with adjustable 
weight counter balance bag.
1x3 SP8061 professional duty 
adjustable light stand.
Stand extends from 39" to 8'1/2".
1x3 Four panel softbox set.
with lamp connector.