Alba 40-68F Manual Do Utilizador

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For any help concerning set up and use of your TV please call the Customer Helpline: 0871 2000 463
Congratulations on purchasing this television. We hope you have many years of trouble free
enjoyment from your purchase.
Your product is covered under the manufacturers guarantee for 12 months from date of
In the event of a fault being diagnosed, please refer to the frequently asked questions/
troubleshooting section at the rear of this user guide.
If you are still unable to remedy the fault, try resetting the TV to factory settings, (details in this
user guide) or contact the helpline.
In the event that a fault is diagnosed, the helpline will arrange to collect the TV from your home
or work address, return it to our service centre, repair the item and then return it to you.
If we believe we cannot offer a permanent repair, we will replace the item.
Sky Media UK LTD – Helpline Information
Telephone UK 0871 2000 463, ROI 01443 3940
Web support:
The telephone opening hours are Monday to Friday 8.30am to 6pm, Saturday 9am – 5pm.
You must retain all packaging materials, in addition to your proof of purchase/receipt, as you will need 
these in the event of warranty/service support.
This guarantee is in addition to and does not affect your statutory rights. 
If you need to call the helpline, you will need the following information.
1) Model Ref 
 _____________________________________   (You can 
¿ nd this on the rear of the TV)
2) Date of purchase   
______________________________________  (You can 
¿ nd this on your sales receipt) 
3) Serial Number
_______________________________________ (You can 
¿ nd this on the rear of the TV)
Important Guarantee Information
Serial No.
Example Only
Model Ref