Справочник Пользователя для Panasonic DMC-TZ10

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Viewing on TV screen
The DMC-TZ8/DMC-ZS5 does not support VIERA Link.
Select a picture with ▲▼◄►, and press [OK]
• When operating, refer to the VIERA Link operating panel.
Types of pictures displayed (switch between them with 
the red button) 
Operating panel 
Switching Playback Mode 
You can press [OPTION] to switch between Playback Modes. 
Plays back all subject pictures.
Plays back pictures as a Slide Show. 
Plays back pictures for which place name information has been 
recorded, by place name. 
Plays back pictures for which [TRAVEL DATE] has been set. 
Plays back pictures by category. 
Displays calendar screen and plays back pictures by recording date. 
Plays back pictures that have been set as [FAVORITE]. 
Refer to camera operations for operations and settings. (These may differ 
View pictures 
• The operating panel turns off automatically if it 
has not been operated for about 5 seconds. (If 
any button is pressed, the panel will be displayed 
again.) If you wish to dim the operating panel, press 
• Playback of motion pictures/still pictures with audio 
→ press [OK]. 
• Slide Show playback → press the red button.
• Slide Show settings → press [OPTION].
• To display the picture information → press ▲.
• To return to the previous screen → press ▼.
Operating panel
Other related operations
Power OFF
The camera’s power can also be switched off when switching the television’s power 
off with the remote control.
Automatic input select
• This function automatically switches the television input to the camera screen 
whenever the camera’s power is switched on while it is connected via the HDMI 
mini cable. The television can also be switched on via the camera from Standby 
Mode (if ‘Power on link’ on the television is set to ‘on’).
• The input setting may not be able to be changed automatically with certain 
television HDMI sockets. In this case, please change the input setting with your 
television remote control (consult your television operating instructions for details).
• If VIERA Link (HDMI) does not function correctly (→161)
Do not use any other cables except a genuine Panasonic HDMI mini cable (optional).
The shape of remote control will differ depending on the country or area where the TV 
was purchased.
Cables that do not comply with HDMI standards will not work.
If you are unsure whether or not the TV you are using is compatible with VIERA Link, 
read the operating instructions for the TV.
If the [VIERA Link] setting on the camera is [ON], operations via the camera buttons will 
be limited.
Ensure that the television you are connecting to has been set up to enable VIERA Link 
(HDMI) (consult your television operating instructions for details).
If you do not wish to use VIERA Link (HDMI), turn the camera’s [VIERA Link] setting 
When operating with VIERA Link, the [HDMI MODE] (→27) of the camera is selected 
When playing back AVCHD Lite motion pictures on this camera that were recorded with 
another camera, the resolution may change automatically. If this happens, the screen 
may go dark for a while, but this is not a malfunction.
If the   tab on the TV screen is selected, it will not be possible to select either