Листовка для Draper Luma 207100

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manual Wall-mounted projection Screens
pentAGonAl-SHApeD cASe For WAll-  
or ceIlInG-mountInG
projecteD mountInG BrAcketS
Sturdy, white (black optional) angle brackets for wall-mounting screens to clear 
obstacles like chalkboards and maps. Ships in matching pairs.
Adjustable Brackets
 18˝–24˝ Brackets—Extend screen 18¹⁄4˝, 20˝ or 24˝ from wall 
by selecting one of two mounting positions and adding our 
extension arm as shown. For V Screen, Star, and Luma (all sizes); 
Luma 2 through 8´ wide.
Non-Adjustable Brackets
 10˝ or 14˝ Brackets—Screen can be extended 10˝ or 14˝ from wall 
by selecting one of two mounting positions. For V Screen, Star, 
and Luma (all sizes); Luma 2 through 8´ wide.
 6˝ Brackets—Extend screen 6˝ from wall with one mounting 
position. For all sizes of V Screen, Star, Luma, Luma 2, Silhouette, 
Premier, and Targa (except Premier and Targa with large style cases).
t-BAr tWISt clIpS
Mount screens directly to T-irons supporting suspended ceilings—
without tools. For V Screen (all sizes); Luma and Star through 70˝ wide.
• The Luma projection 
screen is attractive 
and dependable in 
the classroom or 
conference room. 
• Its case and endcaps 
have a scratch-
resistant, white 
polyester finish. 
• The case is designed to be sturdy and 
friction-free. Endcaps form universal 
hanging brackets for attachment to wall  
or ceiling.
• Your choice of a conventional viewing 
surface: Matt White, Glass Beaded or High 
Contrast Grey.
• AutoReturn Roller—The screen unrolls in 
the conventional manner, then slowly and 
gently retracts after a simple tug on the 
handle. See page 32 for more details.
• Extra Drop—Up to 8´ overall height, either 
white or black (white is standard for AV 
format, black for other formats). 
• Black Masking Borders—Available on AV 
format screens: 1 ¹⁄2˝ wide in sizes through 
70˝ x 70˝; 2˝ wide in larger sizes. All other 
formats have black borders on all four sides.
• Projected Mounting Brackets—6˝, 10˝ and 
14˝ fixed, and 18¹⁄4˝–24˝ adjustable. Shown at 
lower left.
• Pull Cord—For sizes 70˝ wide and larger, a 
pull cord is included.
SIzeS AnD FormAtS
AV Format  
from 50˝ x 50˝ to 96˝ x 96˝
NTSC Format  
from 6´ to 10´ diagonal
HDTV Format  
from 65˝ to 106˝ diagonal
16:10 Format  
from 67˝ to 109˝ diagonal
WideScreen Format  
in 99˝ or 108˝ diagonal
Custom sizes available.
Full details available at:  
DePauw University, Greencastle, IN. Photographer: 
Wayne Williams, Indianapolis, IN