Справочник Пользователя для Canon multipass l60

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2-6    Installing the Desktop Manager Software
Chapter 2
During the installation procedure, follow these guidelines:
Press Next to move from one screen to the next.
❏ Make sure you are pressing Next or OK on the current dialog box.
❏ Be sure to wait for Windows to complete each setup procedure. If
you hear your computer working, wait until it is done.
Overwriting the L60 Options
If you set up options on the operation panel of your L60 (such as phone
line type), these options will be overwritten by the Desktop Manager
When the installation of the Desktop Manager software is completed
and you choose to launch the MultiPASS Background
After installation, whenever you open the MultiPASS Background
(which occurs whenever you start Windows or the Desktop
After installation, when you save a change to the setup options in the
Desktop Manager (as described in Chapter 8, “L60 Setup and Other
Utilities in the Desktop Manager”).
To remind you that the L60 options you set up from the operation panel
will be overwritten, the Desktop Manager displays a dialog box with a
reminder message.
You can choose to proceed with the action, overwriting the settings in the
L60. Or, you can cancel the action. By canceling the action, you can first
make a record of your settings on the L60. When you resume operation
in the Desktop Manager, you can reenter the settings recorded for your
L60 in the Desktop Manager.