Руководство По Работе для Panasonic TX-L50E6B

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Information banner
Display information banner with  .
Also appears when changing a channel.
  Channel position and name
  Channel type (Radio, HDTV, etc.) / encrypted channel ( ) / TV mode ( , 
  Programme start / finish time (except Analogue)
Channel position, etc. (Analogue)
Progress time indicator of the selected programme (except Analogue)
All DVB Channels
All Analogue Channels
 1 to 4
 (blue) to switch. (DVB)
To list favourite channels, set 
Favourites Edit
  Current time
  Features available / message meanings
Sound mute is on
Bad signal
Poor quality TV signal
Dolby D+
Dolby D
Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Digital or HE-AAC audio track
Also in
Same programme available as HD broadcast
To display the extra information for details
UK only