Руководство По Работе для Panasonic TX-L50E6B

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This product incorporates the following software:
(1) the software developed independently by or for Panasonic Corporation,
(2) the software owned by third party and licensed to Panasonic Corporation,
(3) the software licensed under the GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC 
LICENSE Version 2.1 (LGPL V2.1) and/or,
(4) open sourced software other than the software licensed under the LGPL 
The software categorized as (3) and (4) are distributed in the hope that it will 
be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY, without even the implied warranty 
Please refer to the detailed terms and conditions thereof shown in the 
“Software Licence” menu on this product.
At least three (3) years from delivery of this product, Panasonic will give to 
any third party who contacts us at the contact information provided below, 
for a charge no more than our cost of physically performing source code 
distribution, a complete machine-readable copy of the corresponding source 
code covered under LGPL V2.1 or the other licenses with the obligation to do 
so, as well as the respective copyright notice thereof.
Contact Information: cdrequest@unipf.jp
The source code and the copyright notice are also available for free in our 
website below.