Инструкции Пользователя для Nikon Coolpix W300

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Before Using the Camera Underwater
Check the items below before using the camera underwater.
• Remove the camera strap for land use.
• Make sure that there are no foreign substances inside the battery-chamber/
memory card slot cover.
• Make sure that the waterproof packing of the battery-chamber/memory card slot 
cover is not cracked or deformed.
- Make sure that the waterproof packing is not detached from the camera.
• Make sure that the battery-chamber/memory card slot cover is firmly closed.
- Make sure that the latch indicator indicates the “Close” status.
Notes About Operating Temperature, Humidity, and 
The operation of this camera has been tested at temperatures from –10°C to +40°C 
(14°F to 104°F).
When you use the camera in cold climate regions or at high altitudes, observe the 
following precautions.
• Battery performance deteriorates temporarily when cold. Keep the camera and 
batteries warm under your clothing before use.
• Camera performance may deteriorate temporarily if it is exposed to extreme cold 
for an extended period. For example, the monitor may appear darker than normal 
immediately after the camera is turned on, or residual images may be produced.
● Environmental conditions that are likely to cause condensation
Fogging (condensation) may occur on the inside of the monitor or lens when there 
are sharp temperature changes or high humidity, such as in the environmental 
conditions described below. This is not a camera malfunction or defect.
• The camera is suddenly immersed in cold water after being in a hot place on land.
• The camera is brought to a warm place such as inside a building after being in the 
cold outdoors.
• The battery-chamber/memory card slot cover is opened or closed in a high-
humidity environment.
● Reducing condensation
• Open the battery-chamber/memory card slot cover, put the camera and a commercially-
available desiccant in a container such as a plastic bag, and seal the container.
Condensation is less likely to occur if the humidity inside the camera is reduced.
• Before using the camera underwater, avoid storing it in locations where the camera 
may become hot (such as under direct sunlight).
If you submerge the camera underwater while it is hot, the sudden change in 
temperature may cause condensation.