Инструкции Пользователя для Nikon Coolpix W300

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Viewing and Deleting Images in a Sequence
Deleting Images in a Sequence
When the 
l (delete) button is pressed for images in a sequence, the images that are 
deleted vary depending on how the images are displayed.
• When the key picture is displayed:
• When images in a sequence are displayed in full-frame playback mode:
Current image:
All images in the displayed sequence are deleted.
Erase selected images:
When a key picture is selected on the erase 
selected images screen (
sequence are deleted.
All images:
All images on the memory card or in the internal 
memory are deleted.
Current image:
The image currently displayed is deleted.
Erase selected images:
Images that are selected in the sequence are 
Entire sequence:
All images in the displayed sequence are deleted.
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