Инструкции Пользователя для Nikon Coolpix W300

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For Your Safety
• Keep this product out of reach of children. Failure to observe this precaution 
could result in injury or product malfunction. In addition, note that small parts 
constitute a choking hazard. Should a child swallow any part of this product, seek 
immediate medical attention.
• Do not entangle, wrap or twist the straps around your neck. Failure to 
observe this precaution could result in accidents.
• Do not use batteries, chargers, AC adapters, or USB cables not specifically 
designated for use with this product. When using batteries, chargers, AC 
adapters, and USB cables designated for use with this product, do not:
Damage, modify, forcibly tug or bend the cords or cables, place them 
under heavy objects, or expose them to heat or flame.
Use travel converters or adapters designed to convert from one voltage 
to another or with DC-to-AC inverters.
Failure to observe these precautions could result in fire or electric shock.
• Do not handle the plug when charging the product or using the AC 
adapter during thunderstorms. Failure to observe this precaution could result 
in electric shock.
• Do not handle with bare hands in locations exposed to extremely high or 
low temperatures. Failure to observe this precaution could result in burns or 
• Do not leave the lens pointed at the sun or other strong light sources. 
Light focused by the lens could cause fire or damage to product’s internal parts.
When shooting backlit subjects, keep the sun well out of the frame.
• Turn this product off when its use is prohibited. Disable the record 
location data functions. End log recording. Disable wireless features when 
the use of wireless equipment is prohibited.
 The radio-frequency emissions 
produced by this product could interfere with equipment onboard aircraft or in 
hospitals or other medical facilities.
• Remove the battery and disconnect the AC adapter if this product will not 
be used for an extended period. Failure to observe this precaution could result 
in fire or product malfunction.
• Do not fire the flash in contact with or in close proximity to the skin or 
objects. Failure to observe this precaution could result in burns or fire.
• Do not look directly into the AF-assist illuminator, LED light, or movie 
light. This could damage the eyes or result in visual impairment.