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prima off icial game guide
Hairpin and Blades Fighting Moves
Block button
Downward Slash
Attack button
Left-to-Right Slash
Left plus attack button
Up or down plus attack button
Counter/Lethal Move
Attack button when weapon is 
fl ashing
Tools of the Trade
Tools of the Trade
As he tries to make his escape off of the Dark Athena, Riddick will need some help. He must use various 
weapons and equipment not only to neutralize threats, but also to gain access to various parts of the 
ship. Here you will fi nd out about each and every weapon and tool as well as how to best use them. 
Melee Weapons
Hairpin and Blades
Description: Riddick acquires a 
hairpin from Revas right at the 
beginning of the game. It is 
essentially a dagger that you 
can use for both stabbing and 
Tactical Notes: Combat knives, 
scalpels, and other blades 
function the same way as the 
hairpin; you can use the same tactics for all of 
them. Although the hairpin causes less damage 
than the club, its speed makes it preferable 
when going toe-to-toe with an opponent. A 
series of quick slashes with this weapon can 
drop an enemy in a few seconds. Fighting 
tactics should resemble regular hand-to-hand 
combat; block incoming strikes and wait for the 
right opportunity to slash. Do not stick and move 
when an opponent is also armed with a blade—
since blades can strike quickly, it is diffi cult to 
get out of the way. 
The quickest way to down an opponent with the 
hairpin is to intercept an incoming strike by pressing 
the attack button when the hairpin or blade fl ashes. 
Riddick grabs the attacker’s arm and shoves the 
hairpin or blade into the enemy’s neck.
Club Fighting Moves
Block button
Right-to-Left Swing
Attack button
Left-to-Right Swing
Left plus attack button
Overhead Smash
Up plus attack button
Chin Strike
Down plus attack button
Counter/Lethal Move
Attack button when weapon is 
fl ashing
Use a club 
when you 
really want 
to hurt 
A few good 
with one of these on an easier opponent, and he 
ain’t getting back up.
Tactical Notes: This two-handed weapon is devas-
tating in a fi ght, but it’s also clumsy. The club’s 
heavy weight requires long windups before 
delivering a strike, leaving the wielder open to 
attack. A quick target can dodge the incoming 
blow. For this reason, reserve the club for 
surprise attacks when you can whack your 
opponent in the back of the head. When facing 
an enemy with a club, use the stick-and-move 
technique to strike, then backpedal before your 
opponent can swing. Unless you have a club 
of your own, don’t block an incoming strike. 
Instead, step out of the way to stay alive.
When equipped with the club, you can block all 
incoming strikes, including slashes and stabs from 
a blade. The only exception to this rule is a strike 
delivered with the butt of a fi rearm.
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