Листовка для Raptor Gaming P5 621

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RAPTOR-GAMING P5 – technical details are subject to change without prior notice. 
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Raptor Gaming Technology™ 
Power-Tuning for your Gamer-Mouse 
With the RAPTOR-GAMING P5 you will tune your Mouse and put the turbo gear into work. 
Without fluffing, dirtyness or fray out on the surface. This specially developed mousepad for 
the Pro-Gamer delivers speed pure. For fast reactions, short moves and a very precise 
targeting accurracy. This safes you energy for the next „Death-Match“ and relieves your 
The perfect fit to the needs of Pro-Gamer. The structured surface-coat delivers optimized 
sliding characteristics for all types of current mice. The friction-resistance is minimized  and 
the big, ergonomically formed surface rest and the first class sliding characteristics delivers 
highest precision and pixel-precise movements. The non-sliding underside brings safe 
stability and the pad is robust and scratch resistant.