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Recommended retail price by manufacturer
249,00€ per unit incl. taxes
TWO comprises a pair of compact, powerful speakers with integrated 60 W (RMS) Hi-Fi amplifier. Each designer cabinet is
acoustically-dampened and fitted with a high-performance woofer/mid-range driver that utilises a Kevlar membrane –
alongside a silk dome tweeter for ultimate high-frequency response.
These substantial speakers weigh in at just under 9 kg and the the glossy ‘piano’ finish is available in black or white, so
they can easily be incorporated into your living/working environment.
Advanced featured include connectivity for iPad/iPod, iPhone, PC, Laptop, TV, CD and BluRay sources. These German-
designed amplified speakers also include support for Apple Airplay through the AC main socket. They support power
saving through a smart standby mode option and automatically switch amplification circuit, depending on the power of the
input signal, so all of your devices will deliver perfect audio reproduction with TWO.
Sound: Stunning audio reproduction with exceptional bass performance (2-way concept, with bass reflex
technology). Integrated volume control and sound control for bass and treble.
SPEAKER: Compact design, acoustically damped MDF cabinet with piano finish. High performance
woofer/midrange driver with Kevlar membrane and silk dome tweeter.
Auto Switch: TWO automatically detects the audio signal and switches to the appropriate operation mode
Airplay Ready: Integrated AC mains socket supports advanced technologies like the Apple Airport Express
Adaptor and Airplay (device not included).
Dual Audio Source: Connect a second sound source (iPod, mobile phone etc.) directly to the cable remote unit on
your desk without disconnecting the main sound source.
Eco Standby: TWO consumes less than 0.5 Watt in standby mode. The main power switch is located on the
speakers’ back side.
Tweeter: 2,50 cm with silk dome and ferrite magnet
Woofer/midrange: 13 cm with Kevlar™ cone and ferrite magnet