Листовка для Bosch Appliances Camera Accessories D5216

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RAM Memory Card
Technical Service Note 
August 10, 2007
1.0 Installation 
For D5216 RAM Memory Card installation instructions, refer to the D5200 Programmer Operation Manual 
(P/N: 74-06176-000).  
2.0 Battery 
The D5200 Programmer Operation Manual (P/N: 74-06176-000) also provides instructions on replacing the D5216 
battery without erasing the D5200 handlers and control panel account data. 
RAM memory cards sold between August 2001 and August 2007 used rechargeable batteries instead 
of replaceable batteries. If any of your D5200 Programmers contain memory cards with rechargeable 
(non-removable) batteries, recharge the batteries by connecting the D5200 Programmer to a power 
source for 4 hours at least every 8 months. 
The image below shows a D5216 RAM Memory Card with a replaceable battery.