Справочник Пользователя для Zipper Mowers Thunder-Max 309-365

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Step 4 From the ‘Tuning Maps’ Tree, click the + sign 
next to 
[Module Configuration], then double-click 
‘Basic Settings’.  The basic settings page opens.  
Check to see if the 
[Speedo Cal] calibration setting 
matches your year and model; if not, click the button, 
enter the correct value as shown, then click 
Speedometer Calibration Settings  
Step 5 
Now you are ready to ‘Link’ 
and ‘Write’ the map to the ECM.  
Attach the communication cable 
from your computer to the 
ThunderMax module, making 
certain that the cable is routed away 
from any part of the motorcycle that 
generates heat.
Special Note for International Model Bikes with 
Active Exhaust Enabled:
  If your bike is equipped with 
a working Active Exhaust Valve, you must unplug the 
active exhaust harness before linking to the module, as 
the AEV circuitry conflicts with the communication 
stream.  You can re-connect the harness after unlinking.  
If the stock exhaust has been changed, disregard this 
step.  ThunderMax does not support active exhaust
Step 6 
To link to the module, turn the key switch to the 
“Ignition” position, making certain the “RUN / OFF” 
rocker switch (Kill Switch) on the handlebar controls is in 
the “RUN” position. 
Select the “Link” 
Button in the 
SmartLink software. 
The button turns 
green to indicate a 
successful link.  Answer 
[No] to the “Do you wish to 
READ the module map now” question at this time.
From the toolbar, click 
[File] [Write Module Maps and 
Settings], answer OK to the message that informs you 
that you are about to overwrite the current map in the 
module; the transfer bar appears during the map load.  
Step 7 Verify Module Settings.  Before performing this 
step, clear any active Diagnostic Code readings.  While 
linked, from the Tuning Tree select 
Configuration] [Diagnostic Codes].   
When the Diagnostic Codes window appears, select 
[Clear Diagnostic Codes].  After completing this step, 
select Basic Settings from the Module Configuration 
menu and verify that the speedometer calibration is 
correct.  After verifying these settings, click 
[Write Basic 
Settings].  If the installation is to be operated in closed 
loop mode (with AutoTune module), select 
[Configuration] from the toolbar menu and click 
[Closed Loop Configuration].  Verify that the [Closed 
Loop Processing] 
and [AutoTune] boxes are checked 
 on the left (module) side of the window.  
‘Initialize’ the ThunderMax ECM.  Initializing 
synchronizes ‘home’ positions for the TPS and IAC, and 
is a required step any time battery power has been 
interrupted or established to the ThunderMax ECM.  
With the handlebar switch in the ‘ON’ position, cycle 
the key switch on and off 3 times, leaving the 
ignition on for 30 seconds, then off for 30 seconds, 
each cycle.
  DO NOT start the engine or move the 
throttle during this process.  After 3 on/off cycles, make 
certain that the motorcycle is in neutral and start the bike 
2 times, letting it settle at idle for 10 seconds; the idle 
should be smooth and steady. Some engines may 
require several on/off engine starts to initialize properly.  
This initialization process 
must be performed any time 
battery power is interrupted 
to the module (after battery 
servicing/winterization, etc)

After initialization, shut off the 
engine, but stay linked for 
step 8.
XL 883 
XL 1200 
309-365  Installation / Setup Guide V2009.04.23