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Thank you for choosing the Voice Center Conference Phone, a high performance audio conferencing system.
Its features include:
• Full duplex communication – the Voice Center’s digital speech processing enables simultaneous
two-way communication. This eliminates clipped sentences and awkward one-way conversations,
allowing smooth and natural discussion.
• PBX compatible – the Voice Center Conference Phone has the versatility to function with virtually all
phone systems: standard analog lines, and (with optional digital adapter) even multi-line and digital
PBX systems.
• 360° coverage – four built-in microphones provide 360° coverage so all participants can speak and
be heard clearly from anywhere in the room.
• Convenient controls – The keypad provides control keys for volume, mute, redial, and “flash” (which
enables three-way conference calls). LEDs indicate call status and mute operation.
• Expandable – the Voice Center Conference Phone has input jacks for two external microphones for
use in larger conference rooms, and also includes an RCA output jack so conference calls can be
For complete specifications, see page 14 of this manual.
Quick Start Guide
1. Package Contents
Check the package contents to confirm you have everything at hand.
For digital telephone systems, the DT-104 Digital Telephone System Interface (sold separately) is
also required. Contents of the DT-104 Digital Interface package:
2. Safety Precautions
The Voice Center Conference Phone is an electrical product. As with any electrical product,
observe reasonable precautions to avoid risk of fire or electrical shock. Specifically, 
• Do not use this product near water, such as near a sink or bath tub, or in a wet area, such
as in a wet basement. Caution: This product is for indoor use only.
• Do not use a telephone during an electrical storm; there is some risk of electrical shock from lightning.
• Do not use this conference phone near a gas leak or vapors that could be ignited.
• Follow the instructions in this User’s Manual.