Справочник Пользователя для Oracle Audio Technologies V

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Locate the bearing assembly in the lower section of the packaging.    Remove the 3 
mounting screws.  
Locate the tool kit in the lower section and select the appropriate allen key... 
Lift the subchassis straight up and mount the bearing assembly from underneath 
(ground lug side). The bearing assembly can only be mounted in one position 
Important, the main bearing mounting flange is marked with a red dot. When 
installed this red dot must be on the axis of the motor pulley and the platter  
spindle. Any other positionning will impair the operation of your Delphi. 
Set the subchassis aside. 
... adjust the plinth assembly
Remove the styrofoam support blocks from around the suspension posts. 
Remove the suspension modules ( ie. the suspension housing, the spring and all 
related parts ) Remember that each module has or could have a different color 
coded spring. The modules have to go back on the same stem they came from. 
Remove the protective film from around the acrylic base. 
Level the plinth by turning the adjustable feet below. 
If you do not have a small carpenter's level to do this job, use the styrofoam  
blocks as they were originally installed around the three suspension posts.  
Seat the subchassis evenly on the 3 blocks and use the spirit level on the  
subchassis to level the plinth.The suspension modules are not required for  
... install the tone arm and phono cartridge
Note 1:  
The tonearm installation and calibration will be easier and safer with the  
sub-chassis resting on the foam shipping blocks as described earlier. 
Note 2: 
The drive belt should not be used for this operation 
Note 3:  
Do not pour the oil in the bearing well for this operation. 
Note 4:  
Handle the platter installation carefully to prevent any damages to the  
Install the platter without the drive belt. 
Place the tone arm mounting board loosely in the sub chassis  mounting ring and 
determine the correct way to mount the arm to the arm board. 
Mount the tone arm to the pre-cut tone arm board. 
Install the tone arm following the manufacturer’s recommendations. 
Properly secure the tone arm mounting hardware. 
... install the tone arm and phono cartridge ...