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HP DisplayPort to DVI-D Adapter
Converts the DisplayPort connector
on a HP Compaq Business Desktop
computer or HP Workstation to a
single link DVI-D port. The adapter
has a latching DisplayPort connector
on one end and DVI-D connector on
the other for connecting to a DVI-D
monitor cable.
HP DisplayPort to DVI-D Adapter
NOTE: The DisplayPort interface should be attached to the graphics card DisplayPort Adapter on
the HP Compaq Business Desktop computer or HP Workstation, and the DVI-D connection should
only be attached to the monitor DVI-D interface.
NOTE: Adapter only converts a DisplayPort output to DVI-D input; it will not convert a DVI-D
output to a DisplayPort input.
Key Benefits
Converts a graphics card's DisplayPort output to a DVI output for use with a Single Link DVI-D monitor.
Adapter length (approximate): 8 in (20 cm)
Latching DP connector for a secure connection
HP DisplayPort Adapters
Overview - DisplayPort to DVI-D Adapter
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