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Reducing development time by 65 percent
Hyper-V on HP BladeSystem is shortening time to value 
on new development. “It makes it easier for developers 
to roll out code,” Wilson says. “They can stand up a 
test environment faster and create snapshots of a point 
in time. Then it’s easy to roll back to that snapshot and 
apply another build. The overall result is about a 65 
percent decrease in development and QA time.”
Overall lead time has been reduced as a result. 
“When we are fighting fires or need additional 
capacity and a new system real quick, it’s easy to 
create VMs on the fly,” Wilson observes. “We’re 
more dynamic.”
HP Insight Dynamics – VSE looks promising
Further improvements are being tested. The team is 
evaluating HP Insight Dynamics – VSE, the industry’s 
first software solution to manage physical and virtual 
resources the same way. “It will help us virtualize 
the data center and dynamically allocate resources,” 
Wilson says. “We’re really excited about that.”
The team is also evaluating the Insight Orchestration 
option of HP Insight Dynamics. It enables 
administrators to design templates that specify the 
infrastructure required to run different applications on 
servers, as well as associated storage and network 
resources. With the push of a button, physical and 
virtual infrastructure can be automatically assigned 
and configured to the exact template specifications.
“By pulling management of all key infrastructure 
pieces together across physical servers, virtualization, 
storage and network connectivity using Insight 
Dynamics – VSE with Orchestration, we will be able 
to further streamline operations and cut operating 
costs,” Wilson says. “Continental Airlines’ vision is to 
move toward an IT services model and to a dynamic 
data center model that is capacity-driven. This is the 
first product we’ve seen that will allow us to make our 
vision a reality.”
The team is also evaluating HP Virtual Connect, 
a new class of blade interconnect that simplifies 
server connections by cleanly separating the server 
management from the LAN management. 
“Virtual Connect will be one more tool set that will 
allow us to have a more dynamic data center and 
allow us to instantly add capacity, change networks 
and servers and add storage,” Wilson says.
EDS, an HP company, is part of the team
For the past 18 years, data center operations 
at Continental have been provided by EDS, an 
HP company. Today EDS manages everything from 
the airline’s reservations systems to its flight operations 
solution, and EDS technicians provide field support at 
each major hub. 
EDS is also partnering with Continental to work with 
other airlines and develop a new standardized IT 
platform for the industry that incorporates a service-
oriented architecture (SOA).
In other projects, EDS upgraded Continental’s 
reservations system storage solution to improve 
performance by 28 percent, and enhanced the 
performance of a crew-scheduling application by 
80 percent.
“It is often difficult to differentiate between EDS and 
Continental employees,” says John Stelly, managing 
director of technology for Continental Airlines. “It’s 
as if everyone is on the same team. They are truly 
committed to Continental.”
Result: lean and agile
Continental’s data center is different from what 
it was two years ago. “With virtualization on 
HP BladeSystem, we can react to change faster,” 
Wilson sums up. “If Continental is offering a special 
and we see a spike in demand, we can quickly and 
easily add to capacity without purchasing anything. 
We have the flexibility to perform maintenance without 
downtime and begin projects we wouldn’t otherwise 
have the funding to start. We can do more with less—
and do it faster.”
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