Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II 用户指南

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Camera Basics
Auto Mode /
Hybrid Auto Mode
Other Shooting Modes
P Mode
Tv, Av, M, and C Mode
Playback Mode
Wi-Fi Functions
Setting Menu
Before Use
Basic Guide
Advanced Guide
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This device incorporates exFAT technology licensed from Microsoft.
This product is licensed under AT&T patents for the MPEG-4 standard 
and may be used for encoding MPEG-4 compliant video and/or 
decoding MPEG-4 compliant video that was encoded only (1) for 
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All measurements based on Canon testing standards.
Information subject to change without notice, as are product 
specifications and appearance.
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The above items notwithstanding, Canon cannot be held liable for any 
loss arising from the use of this product.
If security settings have not been properly set, the following problems may 
Transmission monitoring 
Third parties with malicious intent may monitor Wi-Fi transmissions 
and attempt to acquire the data you are sending.
Unauthorized network access 
Third parties with malicious intent may gain unauthorized access to 
the network you are using to steal, modify, or destroy information. 
Additionally, you could fall victim to other types of unauthorized access 
such as impersonation (where someone assumes an identity to gain 
access to unauthorized information) or springboard attacks (where 
someone gains unauthorized access to your network as a springboard 
to cover their tracks when infiltrating other systems).
To prevent these types of problems from occurring, be sure to thoroughly 
secure your Wi-Fi network.
Only use this camera’s Wi-Fi function with a proper understanding of 
Wi-Fi security, and balance risk and convenience when adjusting security 
The camera can print to PictBridge-compatible printers 
via Wi-Fi. PictBridge technical standards make it easy 
to connect digital cameras, printers, and other devices 
directly. Additionally, a new standard called DPS 
over IP enables PictBridge connections in network 
environments, and the camera is also compatible with 
this standard.