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Changing the Save Method for the 
Original Image
When you are shooting still images in the Color Accent or 
Color Swap mode, you can specify whether or not both the 
altered image and the original image are recorded.
 (Rec.) Menu
[Save Original] [On]/
See Menus and Settings 
If [On] is selected, the two 
images will be numbered 
consecutively with the altered 
image following the original.
When [Save Original] is Set to [On]
- Only the color accent or color swap-altered image is 
shown in the LCD monitor during shooting.
- The image that appears in the LCD monitor 
immediately after recording is the altered image shot 
with the color accent or color swap setting. If you erase 
the image at this point, the original image is erased 
along with the altered image. Exercise adequate 
caution before deleting an image.
- Since two images are recorded with each shot, the 
number of shots remaining is approximately half the 
number displayed when this function is set to [Off].
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