Kodak nexpress m700 用户手册

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Power your growth
The digital color market is exploding. 
Your clients are demanding 
personalized, high-impact 
documents to help improve their 
bottom line. And you're ready to 
jump into the on-demand color 
space and grow your business to 
new levels.
The new Kodak NexPress M700 
Digital Color Press provides the 
power to do just that. Designed to 
meet the demanding needs of the 
graphic communications market, the 
M700 Press can help you exceed 
your current clients' expectations 
for quality and performance—and 
acquire additional clients by 
developing new applications.
Personalized direct mail, marketing 
collateral, business documents 
and photo books are just a few of 
the applications that will drive new 
business and keep your clients 
coming back.
Go for color. Go for growth.
Color with confidence
It's critical to your success to 
efficiently produce color documents 
with excellent image quality using an 
integrated workflow.
The M700 Press has the features 
and capabilities to enable you to 
confidently produce color documents 
that will distinguish your business 
from others.
Productive, four-color press that runs 
at 70 pages per minute
 Innovative imaging process that 
delivers high density, wide color 
gamut and excellent paper-to-image 
gloss matching
Dual-fusing system that enables 
mixed media throughput and printing  
on heavy substrates at rated speed
Scaleable Kodak NexStation Front 
End built on open architecture that 
seamlessly accepts file formats from 
commonly used application software
Drive your success
The M700 Press offers a unique 
business model that helps you 
manage your profitability through a 
high level of operator serviceability. 
The press is designed with operator 
replaceable components, enabling 
you to maximize uptime, manage 
image quality, and control costs. 
In addition, dedicated specialists 
are available through Kodak 
MarketMover Business Development 
Services to develop and implement 
marketing programs designed to 
help you optimize your return on 
investment and achieve dynamic 
business growth. 
When you've successfully grown your 
business and you're ready to take 
on greater print volumes and new 
capabilities, Kodak has a full line of 
digital production presses to take you 
to the next level. 
Digital Color Press
NexPress M700