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Genuine Microsoft
7 32 bit
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7 64 bit
Genuine Windows Vista
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 XP Professional
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 Access Connections™
ThinkVantage Fingerprint Software
ThinkVantage Productivity Center
ThinkVantage Rescue and Recovery
ThinkVantage System Update
ThinkVantage Client Security Solution
ProduCTiviTy, PerformanCe and SeCuriTy
ThinkPLuS SuPPorT ServiCeS
ThinkPLuS ProTeCTion ServiCeS
ThinkPLuS enTerPriSe SoLuTionS
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ThinkPlus Priority Support
A single, comprehensive service plan to help 
reduce overall helpdesk costs and free up internal 
IT resources. 24 x 7 x 365 priority call routing to 
advanced-level technicians, software support and 
IT management tools let IT staffs focus on more 
strategic projects.
ThinkPlus Warranty
Base warranty extensions prevent costly  
out-of-warranty repairs. Warranty upgrades 
provide a higher-level service at any time during 
your warranty period. Convenient award-winning 
support with peace of mind.
ThinkPad Protection (Accidental Damage 
ThinkPad Protection covers damages not covered 
under warranty and provides unlimited repairs and/
or system replacement in the event of accidental 
damages, drop and electrical surges.
Lenovo Online Backup
Lenovo Online Backup is a secure, offsite data 
encryption and storage solution that protects your 
business files and allows you to restore them via an 
Internet connection. Available in 10GB, 25GB, 50GB 
or unlimited storage options. Simple. Online. Secure.
Hard Disk Drive Retention
If a hard drive fails and it is still covered under 
warranty, rather than returning the defective part, 
Hard Disk Drive Retention lets you keep your old 
drive and hold on to your data.
ThinkPlus Secure Business (bundle)
Protects your ThinkPad and secures your data 
with an all-in-one solution—ThinkPad Protection, 
Lenovo Online Backup and Next Business Day 
Warranty Upgrade—all for one low price. Available 
in 1-year or 3-year term.
Asset Recovery Service
A convenient end-to-end solution to manage 
retiring assets. Lenovo provides single source 
accountability and manages the process from 
environmentally-responsible asset disposal and 
recycling to secure data destruction and disk 
wiping. Quick. Easy. Green.
Custom Imaging Services
Lenovo provides image creation, image 
management and image deployment services. 
Lenovo imaging services are proven to 
lower customer costs, support faster image 
deployment, reduce end-user downtime and 
post-deployment errors.