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The MC4200 hardware controller optimizes wireless traffic across all access points and client devices to provide 
superior performance, reliability, and predictability in your wireless LAN. Powered by the System Director 
operating system, it allows you to easily control your wireless network while meeting mission-critical enterprise 
demands for wireless connectivity. It intelligently manages each device’s connection, pooling and allocating 
network resources to flawlessly support a broad range of applications – including high-bandwidth applications 
like voice and video. The optional MC4200 10GbE Module supports your existing 10GbE infrastructure without 
the need to move to a larger, chassis-based controller system. The MC4200 supports the Service Assurance 
Application Suite to extend control and visibility over your Meru wireless LAN. It can be deployed as a physical 
hardware appliance or as a virtual appliance operating in a VMware environment.  
Wireless LAN Controller
End-to-end control over the wireless LAN for your large enterprise 
•  Powered by System Director operating system to 
govern all traffic on the wireless LAN
•  Airtime Fairness
 allocates equal time across 
devices to ensure that all traffic operates at its 
maximum speed
•  Seamless integration with existing infrastructure, 
with support for diverse applications 
•  Single channel architecture with ability to layer 
additional channels in the same physical space
•  Multilayered security: encryption, 802.1X 
authentication, firewall, rogue detection/
suppression, and wireless IPS/IDS
•  Optional MC4200 10GbE Module
•  Controls and optimizes wireless traffic across 
access points and client devices
•  Simultaneously supports multiple high-bandwidth, 
resource-intensive applications, including voice 
and video
•  Delivers superior performance, scalability,  
and flexibility
•  Eliminates co-channel interference and the need 
for channel planning while enabling easy capacity 
•  Protects sensitive data and aids in compliance
•  Supports existing 10GbE infrastructure without the 
need to migrate to a chassis-based system
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•  Large enterprises
•  Regional offices
500 access points
4x1 Gigabit Ethernet, or
Optional 2x10 Gigabit Ethernet Module