SureFlap SureFeed 用户手册

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•  Ensure the sensors inside the hoop are clean - 
see page 15. 
•  Fit 
new, good quality 1.5V alkaline C cell batteries. Ensure they are all the correct 
See page 7 for detailed information. 
•  Move the feeder away from any metallic or electrical appliances. 
•  Re-learn your pet using the Add Pet (     ) button - 
see page 8. 
•  Reset the feeder to factory settings, holding down the Add Pet (     ) button for
 10 seconds 
(until the light starts alternating red / green and the lid opens and closes). Then re-learn your 
pet(s) in to the feeder again - 
see page 8. 
•  Please check with your vet to ensure that your pet’s microchip is working and that it is 
located in the normal place. If there is no microchip or it has moved significantly becoming 
hard to read, the provided SureFlap Collar Tag may be used instead. Attach the collar tag to 
your pet’s collar and repeat the setup process 
see pages 8-10.  If your pet does not wear a 
collar please visit for further advice.
•  Repeat the training process - 
see page 9 - allowing more time for your pet to feel 
comfortable between each step. 
•  If your pet is still very cautious of the feeder then try following the steps on 
11 ensuring you don’t try to force your pet to feed at any point.  
•  Assess your pet’s feeding environment. Do they always approach their bowl from 
a set angle? Are they worried about having their back to the door? There is no set 
orientation that the feeder must be placed in, so if you can change it to help your 
pets feel more comfortable don’t be afraid to move it. 
•  If the time delay for the lid to close after your pet has finished eating and stepped 
back is not right for them, you can increase the time it takes the lid to close. 
Change the delay slider to (
III). For full instructions see page 14.
•  If greedy pets are trying to steal food from an open feeder, try reducing the time it 
takes the lid to close after the pet has finished eating. Change the delay slider to 
position (
I). For full instructions see page 14.
My pet is not happy using the feeder
Other pets are stealing food
Feeder is not working