Behringer Xenyx 502 业主指南

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XENYX 1202/1002/802/502 User Manual
These connectors are wired in parallel with the MAIN OUT and carry the main 
mix signal (unbalanced). Connect the 2-TRACK OUTPUT to the inputs of your 
recording device. The output level is adjusted via the high-precision MAIN MIX 
fader or rotary control (802).
2.3.4  Signal assignment
Fig. 2.12: Assignment switches of the main section
When the 2-TR TO MIX switch is depressed, the 2-track input is assigned to the 
main mix providing an additional input for tape machines, MIDI instruments or 
other signal sources that do not require any processing.
Press the 2-TR TO CTRL ROOM/PHONES switch if you want to monitor the 
2-track input via the CTRL ROOM OUT. This provides an easy way to monitor 
signals coming back from tape to ensure that they are recording correctly.
If you are recording a signal via the 2-TRACK OUTPUT and wish to listen 
to this simultaneously via the 2-TRACK INPUT, do not use the 2-TR TO 
MIX switch. Doing this would create a feedback loop, since the signal 
would be routed, via the main mix, back to tape via the 2-TRACK 
OUTPUT. To monitor the 2-TRACK INPUT, use the 2-TR TO CTRL ROOM 
switch to assign the tape signal to the monitor(s) or headphones. 
This will avoid the tape signal being routed to the 2-TRACK OUTPUT.
If you want to monitor only the FX send signal in your headphones or monitor 
speaker(s), press the FX TO CTRL switch. This mutes the main mix signal while 
routing the FX SEND output to the monitor(s). The XENYX 802 and 502 do not 
feature this switch.
2.3.5  Phantom power and LED displays
Fig. 2.13: Phantom power and control LEDs
+48 V
The red +48 V LED lights up when phantom power is on. The PHANTOM switch 
activates the phantom power supply on the XLR connectors of all mono channels.
Please do not connect microphones to the mixer (or the stagebox/
wallbox) as long as the phantom power supply is switched on. 
Connect the micro-phones before you switch on the power supply. 
In addition, the monitor/PA loudspeakers should be muted before you 
activate the phantom power supply. After switching on, wait approx. 
one minute in order to allow system stabilization.
The blue POWER LED indicates that the console is powered on.
Level indicator
The high-precision 4-segment display accurately displays the relevant 
signal level.
LEVEL SETTING: To correctly set the gains of the channels, first set the LEVEL 
controls of the input channels to their center positions (0 dB). Then use the GAIN 
controls to increase the input amplification until signal peaks show 0 dB on the 
level meter.
When recording to digital recorders, the recorder’s peak meter should not go into 
overload. While analog recorders can be overloaded to some extent, creating only 
a certain amount of distortion (which is common and often desirable), 
digital recorders distort quickly when overloaded. In addition, digital distortion is 
not only undesirable, but also renders your recording completely useless.
The peak meters of your XENYX display the level virtually independent 
of frequency. A recording level of 0 dB is recommended for all 
signal types.
3.  Installation
3.1  Mains connection
Connect the power supply to the 3-pin mains connector on the rear of the 
console. Use the AC adapter supplied to connect the console to the mains. 
The adapter complies with all applicable safety standards.
Please use only the power supply unit provided with the console.
Never connect the XENYX to the power supply unit while the latter is 
connected to the mains! First connect the console to the power supply 
unit, then connect the power supply unit to the mains.
Please note that both the power supply unit and the mixing console 
heat up considerably during operation. This is completely normal.