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The all-in-one PDF production toolkit  
that’s powerful and easy-to-use
a -
• Wide range of users can benefit from diversity of tools
• Performing complex tasks is easier than ever due to ground-breaking  
and appealing user interface
• Production tools guarantee complete control and highest quality PDF output
• Saves time in document preparation and modification
• Ensures compliancy with ISO standards
• Presentation tool boosts communication and appeal of PDF-based slides and handouts
• Reduces software costs by creating document versions directly from the PDF
• Support and updates are only a click away through the user interface
System requirements
Runs with any of the following versions of Adobe
: Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional, 
Adobe Acrobat 8 3D, Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro, Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Extended
(pdfToolbox 4 does not run with Adobe Acrobat Elements, Adobe Acrobat Standard or Adobe Reader)
The following operating systems are supported:
Mac OS X, version 10.4 or newer. Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista
Key features
Powerful document manipulation tools 
for everyone
• Appealing user interface that adds tremendous fun  
to dealing with PDFs
• Easy access to frequently needed tools through personal workspaces 
• Prepares professional looking handouts and presentations 
for on-screen and printed delivery
• Easily creates language or regional versions with extensive  
support for localization workflows
• Imposes anything from simple booklets to fully-fledged  
brochures and books, as well as N-up and Step&Repeat  
impositions for digital printing
• Options to scale, fit, move, extend, rotate and flip pages and content
• Localized versions are available in Spanish and Italian as well as 
English, German, French
[New in 4.2]
And production tools for the specialists 
• Standards supported include PDF/X-1a, PDF/X-3, PDF/X-4 and 
PDF/X-4p as well as Ghent PDF Workgroup specifications
• Font controls include embedding, subsetting already embedded 
fonts (saving up to 50% space over other subsetting tools), 
replacing fonts and converting to vector outlines
• Keeps font names unique and prevents font caching problems 
when combining PDFs using subsets of the same font
[New in 4.2]
• PDF Layer Viewer manages and generates layer views and 
allows to generate layers in accordance with PDF/X-4
[New in 4.2]
• pdfToolbox 4 includes Dynamic Profiles that allow variable 
parameters to be defined at runtime. pdfToolbox 4 Dynamic 
Profiles can be adjusted on the fly and checks and fix-ups  
can be dynamically switched on or off, creating incredible  
versatility in your workflow
[New in 4.2] 
• Prepress Pro Companion can replace an incorrectly defined  
output intent, modify overprint and knockout for black  
and white, adjust TVI and more
Professional color management  
for non-experts
• Includes the world’s most powerful color tools:  
adjust for type of output with a click; conversion to B/W that 
just works; converts RGB in Office PDFs to printable CMYK; 
sophisticated spot color handling
• Processes all grey elements consistently (whether DeviceGrey, 
DeviceCMYK, DeviceN or Separation), and enables dot-gain 
compensation (for both process and spot colors) 
• New advanced color mapping to map between various color 
spaces including RGB to CMYK or vice versa Spot to Spot,  
Spot to CMYK or RGB, and RGB or CMYK to Spot 
[New in 4.2]
• DeviceLink add-on for smooth CMYK to CMYK conversion  
(payable option). Includes a series of most-used profiles  
for standard printing processes 
Get the most out of metadata
• Provides convenient browsing of document metadata as well as 
object-level metadata for images embedded inside the document
• Support for all relevant industry metadata standards  
including Dublin Core, IPTC, PRISM, GWG AdTicket/AdsML, 
PLUS, EXIF and Camera Raw
• Facilitates metadata based researching 
in Yahoo, Wikipedia, Amazon, Google 
and AskMetaFilter
• Supports  GPS  data  for  use  with 
Google  Maps,  OpenStreetMap  and 
Google Earth