Westinghouse 46" 120Hz 1080p LED HDTV EW46T4LZ User Guide

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OSD Menu
1. Picture menu
Picture mode: Select between Dynamic,  Standard, 
Movie and User.
You may select the picture mode directly by pressing 
the PICTURE button on the remote control.
Picture Settings: Press       button to enter the Picture Settings menu.
Screen Size: Select the displaying mode of the picture between Wide, Cinema, Zoom, Normal,
Just Scan, Standard, Fill, and Over scan.
PC Settings: If the video input signal comes from your PC, you may adjust the Vertical Position, 
Horizontal Position, Clock, Phase or even perform an Auto adjustment. 
Contrast: Control the difference between the bright and 
dark regions of the screen picture.
Brightness: Adjust brightness of the picture.
Color: Adjust color of the picture.
Tint: Control the fresh tones to make them appear natural.
Sharpness: Set the amount of fine detail in the picture.
Color Temp.: Select between Normal, Cool and Warm.
Note: when select the "Standard", the 
machine is in energy-saving status.
OSD Menu
Auto Adjust: Press OK button to setup the parameter of 
the screen automatically.
Clock: Adjust the pixel clock frequency, until the image 
size is maximized for the screen.
H/V Position: Adjust the transverse/vertical position of 
the screen.
Phase: Adjust the phase of the ADC sampling clock 
relative to the sync signal, until a stable image is obtained.
Reset: Press OK button to reset the settings.