AEG PV.500-MH Benutzerhandbuch

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Protect PV.500-MH Operating Instructions 
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2.7.2 Lockable 
The equipment doors are fitted with a control cabinet lock. This 
prevents unauthorised personnel from accessing the equipment. 
The equipment door must be kept closed at all times. 
It may be opened for maintenance and repair work. 
The space requirement for the opened equipment doors 
must be taken into account 
The equipment door must be closed again once maintenance and 
repair work is complete. 
2.7.3 Guard 
The guard forms the equipment's housing. It protects against unin-
tended contact with live parts and electromagnetic rays. 
It may be removed for maintenance and repair work. 
The area around the equipment must be made secure 
when the guard is removed. 
The guard must be put back in place once maintenance and repair 
work is complete. 
2.8 Residual 
This section describes residual hazards. Despite the measures 
taken to ensure safety and protection, the equipment poses resid-
ual hazards which cannot be countered by design. 
Observe warnings at all times while you are working.