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Protect PV.500_MH Operating Instructions 
80000043212 BAL 
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You can use the "Inverter" menu item to display the statuses and 
measured values for the inverter. You can toggle between the two 
menus using the ">" and "<" keys. 
In normal operation, the inverter can be switched on and off here, 
using the top key. In the event of a deactivating fault, you can call 
up a detailed description of the fault here. Once the fault has been 
rectified, you will need to acknowledge it using the top key. A high-
voltage symbol "V" will then appear on the top key.  
-- Iverter-Status --
Grid operation MPP    
-- Inverter-data --
.[V]:   270    270    270
..[A]:   587    587    587     
P....[kW]:   261    S...[kVA]:  275      
Q..[kvar]:    14    cos(phi).:  275      
F....[Hz]:  50.0    E...[kWh]:  937      
...[°C]:  25.0    T
...[°C]: 28.0      
..[kWh]: 2089336      
....[h]: 1262      
Figure 42 
Menu: Inverter (example)   
The voltage and current of the three phases are displayed as 
measured values. The power values P, S, Q and cos-phi appear 
underneath these voltages and currents. 
These are then followed by the frequency F and the daily energy 
The ambient temperature of cabinet T1 and the supply air temper-
ature of inverter stack T2 are shown as the temperatures. 
Next come the total energy counter ∑E and the inverter operating 
hours counter ∑t. 
You can scroll through the measured values using the "v" and "^" 
You can use the "COM interface" menu item to look up the status-
es of the communication PCBs.  
You can use the "AUX signals" menu item to look up the status of 
optional general signals on the remote signalling board. 
8.3.5 Blocking 
You can call up the "Blocking" menu from the "Main menu". After 
you have entered the current password, you can block operation of 
the inverter (switching ON/OFF and fault acknowledgement). The 
password must be entered digit by digit and then confirmed by 
pressing the ENTER key.