Apple ME323LL/A User Manual

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Chapter  30    
View books by title or by cover. Pull down on the list of books to reveal the controls, then  
tap   or 
Rearrange books. While viewing books by cover, touch and hold a cover, then drag it to a new 
location. While viewing books by title, sort the list using the buttons at the bottom of the screen.
Search for a book. Pull down to reveal the Search field at the top of the screen. Searching looks 
for the title and the author’s name. 
Hide previously purchased books. To show or hide books you’ve purchased but haven’t 
downloaded, go to Settings > iBooks > Show All Purchases.
Read PDFs
Sync a PDF. In iTunes on your computer, choose File > Add to Library and select the PDF. Then 
sync. See iTunes Help for more info about syncing.
Add a PDF email attachment to iBooks. Open the email message, then touch and hold its PDF 
attachment. Choose “Open in iBooks” from the menu that appears.
Print a PDF. With the PDF open, tap  , then choose Print. You’ll need an AirPrint-compatible 
printer. For more about AirPrint, see 
 on page 34.
Email a PDF. With the PDF open, tap  , then choose Email.
iBooks settings
Go to Settings > iBooks, where you can:
Sync collections and bookmarks (including notes and current page information) with your 
other devices.
Display online content within a book. Some books might access video or audio that’s stored 
on the web.
Change the direction pages turn when you tap in the left margin.
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