Panasonic DMC-TZ10 User Manual

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 Viewing on TV screen
 Making print settings on camera
(Make settings before selecting [PRINT START])
Select item
Select setting
Set number of pictures (up to 999 pictures)
 (printer takes priority)
[L/3.5”×5”]    (89×127 mm)
[2L/5”×7”]     (127×178 mm)
[POSTCARD] (100×148 mm)
[16:9]          (101.6×180.6 mm)
[A4]             (210 ×297 mm)
[A3]            (297×420 mm)
[10×15 cm]   (100×150 mm)
[4”×6”]       (101.6×152.4 mm)
[8”×10”]      (203.2 ×254 mm)
[LETTER]    (216×279.4 mm)
[CARD SIZE] (54×85.6 mm)
 (printer takes priority) / 
 (1 picture, no border) / 
 (1 picture, with border) / 
 (2 pictures) / 
 (4 pictures)
Items may not be displayed if incompatible with printer.
To arrange 
 ‘2 pictures’ or 
 ‘4 pictures’ in the same still picture, set the 
number of prints for the still picture to 2 or 4.
To print to paper sizes/layouts not supported by this camera, set to 
 and make 
settings on the printer. (Consult your printer’s operating manual.)
[PRINT WITH DATE] and [NUM.OF PRINTS] are not shown when you have 
selected [PRINT SET] settings.
Even with completed [PRINT SET] settings, dates may not be printed, depending 
on the shop or printer used.
When setting [PRINT WITH DATE] to [ON], check the date printing settings on the 
printer (printer settings may be prioritized).
You can view pictures on a TV screen by 
connecting your camera to your TV with 
the AV cable (supplied) or HDMI mini cable 
Also consult TV operating manual.
Getting Ready:
• Set [TV ASPECT]. (→26)
• Turn off both camera and TV.
Connect camera to TV
Turn on TV
Set to auxiliary input.
Turn on camera
Set REC/PLAY switch to 
When TVs or DVD recorders have an SD card slot
Insert the SD memory card into the SD card slot
• Still pictures only can be played back. 
• AVCHD Lite motion pictures can be played back on Panasonic televisions (VIERA) 
displaying the AVCHD logo. 
To play motion pictures on other televisions, please connect the camera to the 
television with the AV cable (supplied). 
• When using both SDHC and SDXC memory cards, be sure to play each type of card 
in equipment compatible with the particular format.
Do not use any other AV cables except the supplied one.
You can play back pictures on TVs in other countries (regions) which use the NTSC or 
PAL system when you set [VIDEO OUT] in [SETUP] menu.
[LCD MODE] setting is not reflected on TV.
Some televisions may cut off the edges of pictures, or not display them full screen. 
Pictures rotated to portrait may be blurred slightly.
Change picture mode settings on TV if aspect ratios are not displayed correctly on 
widescreen or high-definition televisions.
Check socket direction and insert straight in. 
(Damage to socket shape can lead to faulty 
AV cable
(always use cable supplied)
Yellow: To video socket
White: To audio socket 
Red: To audio socket (R) 
Example of DMC-TZ10/
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