Canon PowerShot A20 User Guide

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• If using AA-size NiMH batteries, use only Canon AA-size NiMH batteries and charger recommended
for use with these batteries. Use of another charger may cause batteries to overheat or deform,
posing risk of fire or electric shock.
• Disconnect the battery charger or the compact power adapter from both the camera and electrical
outlet after recharging and when the camera is not in use to avoid fires and other hazards.
• The camera terminal of the battery charger cord and the compact power cord is designed for
exclusive use with your camera. Do not use it with other products or batteries. There is a risk of fire
and other hazards.
• Exercise due caution when screwing on the separately sold wide converter, close-up lens and
conversion lens adapter. If they loosen, fall off and shatter, the glass shards may cause an injury.
Never aim the lenses at the sun or strong light sources. There is a risk of damage to eyesight.
• Avoid using, placing or storing the equipment in places subject to strong sunlight or high
temperatures, such as the dashboard or trunk (boot) of a car. Exposure to intense sunlight and heat
may cause the batteries to leak, overheat or explode, resulting in fire, burns or other injuries. High
temperatures may also cause deformation of the casing. Ensure that there is good ventilation when
using the compact power adapter to charge the battery pack or power the camera.
• Do not store the equipment in humid or dusty areas. Storage in such areas could lead to fire,
electrical shock or other damage.
• Be careful not to bang the camera or subject it to strong impacts or shocks that could lead to injury or
damage the equipment when wearing or holding it by the strap.
• Be careful not to cover the flash with your fingers when shooting. In addition, do not touch the surface
of the flash after taking several pictures in rapid succession. Either action could result in burns.
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