Canon PowerShot A20 User Guide

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• Battery performance deteriorates at low
temperatures (especially with alkaline
batteries). If you are using the camera in cold
areas and batteries are running down faster
than they should, you may be able to restore
performance by placing batteries in an inner
pocket to warm them up prior to use. But be
careful that you don’t put the batteries into a
pocket together with a metal key chain or other
metallic objects, as these objects may cause
batteries to short-circuit.
• If you do not plan to use the camera for a long
time, remove the batteries from the camera
and store them in a safe place. Batteries may
leak and damage the camera if left installed
during prolonged periods of non-use.
• When purchasing replacement alkaline
batteries, please buy the same type of
batteries that came with the camera.
Never use damaged batteries or batteries
whose outer seal is completely or partially
missing or peeled off, as there is risk that
such batteries may leak, overheat, or burst.
Always check the seals on store-bought
batteries before loading them, as some
batteries may come with defective seals. Do
not use batteries with defective seals.
Never use batteries that look like this.
Batteries with all or part of the seal
(electrical insulation sheath) peeled
The positive electrode (plus terminal)
is flat.
The negative terminal is correctly
formed (protruding from the metal
base), but the seal does not extend
up over the edge of the metal base.
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