Panasonic DMC-LX100 User Manual

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Picture Quality and coloring Settings
Adjusting the White Balance
Recording mode: 
In sunlight, under incandescent lights or in other such conditions where the color of white 
takes on a reddish or bluish tinge, this item adjusts to the color of white which is closest to 
what is seen by the eye in accordance with the light source.
Press [WB] button (   )
Turn the control dial to select the White 
Balance and press [MENU/SET]
Automatic adjustment in accordance with the light source.
[   ]
Adjust to the color under a clear sky.
Adjust to the color under a cloudy sky.
Adjust to the color in the shade.
Adjust to the color under incandescent lights.
[   ]
Adjust to the color that is optimal for taking pictures using the 
[   ]/[   ]/[   ]/[   ]
Use the White Balance value that was set manually.
Use the preset color temperature setting.
  The [AWB] setting is applied when recording motion pictures.
Under fluorescent lighting, LED lighting fixtures, etc., the optimal White Balance will 
vary depending on the lighting type, so use [AWB], [   ], [   ], [   ] or [   ].
The White Balance may not operate correctly if you take pictures using a flash or the subject is 
recorded outside of the effective flash range 
[White Balance] setting is fixed to [AWB] in the following case:
 •When the picture effect (Filter) is set